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IMSG 2021 ended on 5 November

If you missed out on any part of International Mediation Singapore 2021, fret not! We have compiled the highlights for you.

Also, if you did not manage to attend the Closing Ceremony or watch the Opening Message from our Co-Directors, watch them here!

Opening Message from the Co-Directors

Closing Ceremony

IMSG 2021 E-Booklet

IMSG 2021 Post-Event Report

IMSG 2021 Awards

What Makes IMSG Unique

The IMSG ranking system

No eliminations, no break rounds – dynamic live power pairings and a top-tier finish guaranteed for every team

Pre-competition events

Pre-competition training, networking, team engagement and miscellaneous events organised by our institutional partners and sponsors

Customised dashboards

Custom-made dashboards for teams to receive feedback from judges and communicate with the organising committee

Personalised team reports

Personalised post-competition reports for every team, including team performance and overall competition statistics


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