IMSG 2021

The competition ended on 5 November

Competition Dates

IMSG will be held across two weekends:

  • 22 to 24 October 2021 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
  • 30 to 31 October 2021 (Saturday, Sunday)

All participants must be available to compete on both weekends.


IMSG 2021 will be powered by Zoom.


Competition fees are SGD1000.

Early bird rates are SGD700,  if your team successfully registers by 10 September 2021.

Registration Deadline

Registrations closed on 30 September 2021.

Rules and Guidelines

The latest rules and guidelines for IMSG 2021 may be found here.  

Role Plays

The IMSG 2021 competition role plays are only made available to registered and confirmed participants. If you would like to find out more, please contact us at

Competition Format

The ranking, match-up, judging and feedback system that defines and distinguishes IMSG

Determining Match-Ups

After teams have submitted their nominations for their representative for each segment, all Mediation Advocate pairs will be matched against each other, and a Mediator will be assigned to them.

With the exception of the multi-party round, a total of 5 competitors will thus be present in each room, from 3 different teams (2 pairs of Mediation Advocates, and 1 Mediator).

During the multi-party round, a total of 7 competitors will be present, from 4 different teams (3 pairs of Mediation Advocates, and 1 Mediator).

For the Mediation Advocacy segment, teams will be paired for the first round randomly, and then from the second round onwards, a process known as “power-matching” will be used. Power-matching works as follows:

  1. Teams with similar win-loss ratios are grouped together.
  2. Teams will then be matched randomly within the same win-loss ratio group
  3. This process is repeated for each round.

This process will result in all Mediation Advocacy teams facing counter-parties of comparable skill – making each round equally as challenging.

For the Mediation segment, mediators will be assigned randomly, with a priority on avoiding any conflict of interest.

As there are only 18 Mediators needed for each round, there will be a rotation of mediators assigned so that all teams will finish Round 4 with their assigned Mediators having completed at least 2 rounds.

The top 18 teams* with the highest combined Mediator score from the previous rounds will then be selected to mediate for Round 5, and to determine the final rankings for Gold and Silver.

* This number applies only if there are 36 teams. This figure will change for the multi-party round and if there is a different number of participating teams. 

Judging Criteria

Mediation advocates will be assessed on their ability to work together as effective advocates (counsel), in reaching a solution that addresses the interests of their clients. 

The mediator will be assessed on his or her ability to help move the discussion forward and also on his or her ability to manage the mediation process and assist the advocates in having a structured session.

Advocates compete in pairs while the mediator competes solo.


At the conclusion of all rounds, each team will be awarded Gold, Silver or Bronze for their performance in both Mediation Advocacy and Mediator segments.

Mediation Advocates will be judged based on their win-loss record and ranked by other factors such as total points.

Mediators will be judged based on their total points accumulated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our answers to your burning questions

Each team must register a minimum of 3 competing participants, and a maximum of 4 competing participants.

Each team may register up to 2 coaches, but this is not necessary.

Teams with less than 3 participants may not compete.

Please wait to receive a confirmation email from

It depends:

  1. If your team consists of 4 team mates, and you still have 3 team mates that can compete – please write in to the IMSG Secretariat with the name of the individual who will not be competing.
  2. If you team consists of 3 team mates – Find a replacement team mate and write in to the IMSG Secretariat as soon as possible. (Note: Your team will automatically be disqualified if you compete collectively only with 1 or 2 team mates.)

Depending on how many competing groups there are, the breakdown of Gold, Silver and Bronze awardees are as below:

  • Top 20% Gold;
  • Next 20% Silver; and
  • Last 60% Bronze.

Note: Awards awarded in this category is dependent on the group’s performance and ranking overall. Each participant will be receiving a medal from this category. (For example, if your group of 4 competing participants obtained a Gold rank, all 4 participants will get a Gold medal.)

Depending on how many competing groups there are, the breakdown of Gold, Silver and Bronze awardees are as below:

  • Top 20% Gold;
  • Next 20% Silver; and
  • Last 60% Bronze.

Note: Awards awarded in this category will go to only the Mediator.

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